The backbone of our agency, members of the Uniformed Patrol bureau respond to calls for service and safeguard our city 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The uniform patrol bureau is tasked with responding to emergency calls for assistance, detection and prevention of crime, traffic crash investigations, traffic enforcement, business checks, and proactive neighborhood patrols. The division helps prevent crime and provides a visible presence to the public, instilling confidence and security within the community. Its officers are the first responders who take charge of situations that require immediate action to resolve or mitigate safety issues or concerns.

The bureau continues its problem oriented policing style utilizing intelligence led responses to crime trends within the community which allows us to be more responsive to community needs. Additionally, our community partnerships, flexibility, and use of intelligence data remain vital to the patrol division’s relentless crime fighting activities.

For more information please contact Capt. Scott Mack at 352-728-9786, ext 3884 

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